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With a professional path in the project management area, is the founder and CEO of the Avila Business Centers and Avila Coworking with headquarters in Lisbon.

In 2010, develops the myOffice app, the first worldwide virtual office application for mobile, having as partners the Portuguese Companies Empty Code (iPhone and iPad) and WATERDOG mobile (Android).

In 2012 won a CIO Award, which came to confirm the myOffice app as one the ten best IT projects in Portugal, after winning the Call Center Trophy in 2011 for the telephonic answering quality on the virtual office branch.

In 2013 is named International Director of the Global Workspace Association , the biggest association of Business Centers and Coworking spaces worldwide.

Is regularly invited to conferences and seminars about the new entrepreneurial organization models, namely the Virtual Office, the Coworking and the telework.



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